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(Feb 22, 1823-April 21, 1908)

Elizabeth Runyon and was born in Preble County, Ohio, February 22, 1823 to Armstead Runyon and his wife Ann Hornbaker Runyon. In the fall of 1830, Runyon brought his family to Illinois, and settled on a farm one and one- half miles from the present site of the city of Lockport, being one of the very earliest settlers in this vicinity.

Elizabeth married Charles Edward Boyer, who came to Lockport to work on deepening the canal, on April 14, 1840. Charles & Elizabeth had five children.

• William & Charles died in boyhood.
• Emma B. Boyer married David E. Corneau of Chicago; they had one son Perry Boyer Corneau (1878-1938)
• Florence B. Boyer Married Olaus Paulson and had 4 children, Elizabeth B. Paulson, Louise Paulson, Norman B. Paulson and Emma C. Paulson.
• Florence & Olaus Paulson’s daughter Elizabeth B. Paulson (1880-1937) married William Warren North(1870-1937) and they were the parents of Florence North Kasper (1905), Boyer North (1906), Warren Hauley North (1908), Mary Louise North (1914) and William North (1921).
• Julius A. Boyer married Helen Cook. He operated a quarry and died at age 36. They had 3 children Julius A. Boyer, Charles H. Boyer and Douglas C. Boyer.

After Charles Boyer’s death, Elizabeth completed all of his contracts for his business. She continued to live in the beautiful residence at the southeast corner of 8th & State Streets until her death at age 85, where she hospitably entertained her friends and was beloved by all who knew her. Elizabeth Runyon Boyer passed away on April 21, 1908.