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Rev. Isaiah E Hooks (1870-1960)
Isaiah E. Hooks was born in North Carolina in December 1870 to Jacob and Margaret Hooks, who were former slaves. He moved to the Joliet, Illinois area when he was in his twenties. The Rev. Isaiah Hooks purchased some land south of Lockport that he then subdivided to construct affordable small houses in Fairmont. The land where he built these houses is east of Green Garden Place, between Princeton and Rosalind Streets.

Providing housing for many people who migrated from the South and had nowhere to go, the area eventually became known as Hooksville. The history of the development is part of the reason many houses in this area of Fairmont are located on small lots that do not meet current county zoning requirements.

Rev. Hooks also built a church, named the Children’s Church, on Arthur Avenue in Lockport and donated it to the community. Rev. Hooks died in 1960 and is buried in Elmhurst Cemetery in Joliet, Illinois along with his wife Winifred who died in 1939.