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Marie Irwin Cook, also known as “Cookie” was born on Jan 18 1914 in Johnstown PE. She met her future husband Farrell Cook, stepson of Lockport businessman William P. Voltz, while she as a student at the College of St. Francis in Joliet. After graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in Latin in 1935 she went back to Pennsylvaia spent some time there working as a teacher. In 1940, Marie and Farrell were married in Johnstown and then relocated to Lockport, where they became involved in Mr. Voltz’ businesses which included an ice cream parlor and news agency.

Over the course of more than 50 years she ran five local businesses: Voltz Newspaper Agency, Voltz Gift Shop, a hotel in the Voltz building at 10th and State Street, Cookie’s Clothing and Worldly Thing’s, a clothing boutique in the lower level of the Voltz building.
Marie was also active in Lockport politics. She was a part of the Lockport Planning and Zoning Commission for at least 30 yrs.
Farrell Cook passed away in 1985.

Cookie celebrated her 101st birthday in January 2015 and currently lives in Plainfield, but she still keeps up on events in Lockport.