Fire & Fury Show

Angela Eve:
Angela Eve is an accomplished multi-media artist, artistic director. Living between Chicago and New Orleans, she has toured all over with her show Eves Parlor Cabaret. Creating headlining shows for over a decade in Chicago, known for elaborate large scale events. She started her journey creating a avant-garde edgy cabaret for big name rock festivals. Originally helped kicked off the Neo burlesque movement in Chicago in 2004 growing into a full multi media variety show. Chicago Tribune hauled her as “One of the top pioneers in the burlesque revival in Chicago”. Inspired by old skool burlesque but she came to the stage vIa ROCK N ROLL, she is the Renegade Showgirl

Artist Bios based on Line-up

  1. Kristina Isabelle is known throughout the cabaret scene as The longest legs in show-business! With training at both Juilliard and the Dublin Dance Center, now from Chicago Illinois, we are proud to host the stilt dancers of Kristina Isabelle Dance Company!
  2. The Mother of all Dragons, and one of Chicago’s most-boasted about staple performers: Kat Sass, professional opera singer and wardrobe designer, with lavish costuming you’ll have to see to believe! A Glam Rock Goddess with a sultry voice to match!
  3. Joining us hot off the competition circuit, Award-winning Ballroom Dancers Basia & Charles of the Arthur Murray Dance Company are ready to delight with a carefully crafted steampunk tango. Basia and Charles have worked together for a number of years as professionally competing ballroom dancers and relish the chance to create something brand new and exciting for us tonight!
  4. Originally from Australia, professional Circus Artist Dizzy Lizzy Delicious has been burning up the Chicago scene with all manner of aerial, hoop, lyra, silks and any other means of headspinning talent! Not just any hoop artist, Dizzy Lizzy has performed all over the world in Cabarets and Circus groups since she was a child. The theater is in her blood!
  5. Red Rum is a self-made Masterpiece of literary references and classic Hitchcock-style suspense. A Vaudevillian at heart, known the world around for her clever cabaret capers and character acts. Say her name 3 times for quite a fright that you very well may like!! Red Rum, Red Rum, RED RUM!
  6. Zoe Shepard, Studio Manager, Circus Instructor and stunning acrobatic performer from Aloft Circus Arts in Chicago, Illinois. Joining the Eve’s Parlor team for a spectacular night of talent and ability.
  7. Circus entertainer Alexander M. Knapp of Aloft Circus Arts brings us a hat trick of veritable vaudeville variete! Plucked from the very turn-of-the-century to entertain our modern menagerie tonight!
  8. Costume Designer, Professional Bellydancer and Artiste Extréme, Mark Selner brings to us the devastatingly exotic evocations of tribal Bellydance, and enchants us even further with stunning acts of swordplay!
  9. Award-winning pole-performer and fitness instructor Patti Zikmund joins us for a solo performance of skilled chaos! An intense and enthralling showcase of skills you’ll have to see to believe!
  10. Queen Acrobat and Master of Contortion, Sam Aquatic. Originally from LA, Chicago and New Orleans, a performer of international porportions! She has been a professional stunt woman, as well as performed for televised roles on shows like American Horror Story: Freak Show!
  11. The producer, executioner and creator of this very show: Miss Angela Eve! Inspired by the Folies-Bergère Parisian theater of the 1920s, she brings us a classic peek at French cabaret, with a twist!
  12. Sio Bast is bubbly burlesque starlet who has performed all over Chicago, including the House of Blues and Debonair. Originally from California, she’s here to tantalize you with a brand new act blending steam punk and salsa!
  13. Ray Gunn is a world-class acrobat and professionally trained dancer who has performed all over the U.S. and Europe with his signature gymnastic style. Women want him, men want to be him! Bang, Bang– It’s Ray Gunn!!
  14. Kimchee Clownstar, Dancer and Performance Artist Extraordinaire from Chicago, Illinois and Soulfire Productions! She has toured the world around with her exotic fire-bending talents.
  15. The Original Sparkling Starlet. Leaving the professional ballet world behind to pursue her true artistic passions, Shana Vaughan Gabor breaks the mold as a performance artist and professional dancer. Half-ballerina and half heavy-machinery, Shana Vaughan-Gabor is all the rage from Chicago to Miami and back again!
  16. Ever Parlor Signature Cabaret Dancers and Atmospheric Performances provided by:
    -Seth Nayes, Costume Designer, Model, Makeup Artist, and Madame of Wonder at Harem of Oddities in Chicago
    -Amber White, Eve’s Parlor Signature Dancer, Model, Hair and Makeup Artist
    -SayRah, Professional hip-hop, tribal and jazz dancer, dance instructor, and performance artist, originally from Nigeria
    -Kimchee Clownstar, Exotic Fire Spinner and Professional Performance Artist with Soulfire Productions
    -Hot Tawdry, Producer and Performer, House of Blues at the Foundation Room Burlesque Star and Cabaret Artist Extraordinaire
    -Querella, Chicago premier performance artist