Scavenger Hunt

Step 1

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Go to the White Oak Library and pick up a FREE Scavenger Hunt Map

Step 2

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Decide which story you want to collect- the original “The Infernal Chrystal” or the sequel “The Midwestern Marvel”

Step 3

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Begin your hunt by visiting the businesses on each list. You do NOT have to hunt in order. Just enter the business and request the card. Remember! It’s FREE!

Step 4

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Check this website for the REAL history behind the cards

Step 5

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Keep in mind SOME cards are ONLY offered on certain days

Step 6

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Join us for the AFTER party scavenger hunt at the White Oak Library on October 20 at 6:30 for food and story discussion. Meet the artists and the writers. If you have ALL the cards, you can enter your name to win a prize! See you there!