Lockport 1907

For those familiar with the strange and spectacular events of 1895, you know that it was a pivotal year in the history of the great City of Lockport. After the time travelers, Jax and Lorna, along with the mysterious Sentinel, overcame the evil of the ancient crystal and the stranglehold it held over the city, Lockport began to experience a renaissance. Growth and prosperity followed the new hope of its people and the divisions of rich and poor diminished as opportunity abounded. In these years, the new Sanitary and Shipping Canal was built, replacing the much smaller I&M Canal, bringing world class commercial trade to the city. As the year 1905 came, another great development was on Lockport’s horizon: A Hydraulic Powerhouse to provide electricity to the city. Engineers took advantage of a forty-foot elevation drop in the Canal and made plans to harness this feature and direct the water to turn electrical turbine generators. Unlimited power was on the horizon and the “Great Midwestern Marvel,” as the Lockport Powerhouse was billed by its promoters, was to come online in the summer of 1907. A flurry of energy coursed through the city as if the Powerhouse were already running and hooked directly to the spirit of every citizen.

An Astonishing Scavenger Hunt(not for the faint of heart)

Not everyone was happy in the year 1907, however. Jim Stephenson, the brilliant Lockport scientist, who had discovered time manipulation in his lab and was subsequently banished by the Chrono Keepers for his invention, found himself in a quandary. Before Lorna sent Stephenson through time to join the Chrono Keepers’ world, she assured him that he would be welcomed into that world with open arms as one of the elite few who cracked the time barrier. This world was a comfortable one, he was told, where he would be given a lab of his own to invent and a pension to sustain him.

Though annoyed that he really didn’t have a choice in the matter, Stephenson agreed to be sent through time. When he arrived in the Chrono-keepers’ world, however, things went terribly wrong. Upon arrival, all seemed as had promised. His reception was cordial, but there was much consternation in their ranks that Lorna did not follow him back through time. Her absence caused so much anxiety that another time officer was immediately sent to retrieve her. Stephenson was then told that he would have to have a tracking device implanted in his brain. He was assured by the Chrono Keepers that this was normal and that every single person in the organization had one of their own implants. Again, with little choice to accept or spend his life in confinement, Stephenson grudgingly agreed to the procedure. The last time Stephenson would see anyone in this world alive was just before he faded to sleep under the doctor’s anesthesia. 


When Stephenson awoke, he was still in the operating room. Groggy, he sat up, and to his horror, saw the entire operating team dead on the floor with blood streaming from their ears and nose. His cries for help went unanswered. Gently feeling his head, it was clear that whatever happened did so before the surgery was performed. Pulling himself from the table, he made his way through the Chrono Keepers’ compound and, to his dismay, found that everyone was dead with the same head trauma. No clues were there to tell him what had happened. It seemed to Stephenson that there were people watching him, but he could find no-one. There was, however, no mistaking the terrible sense of dread he felt. After a few days of searching for survivors in vain on what turned out to be an isolated island, Stephenson looked to the Chrono Keepers’ time machine. Obviously, it was a technology beyond his experience, but Stephenson applied himself to set the machine for a return trip to his own world and time. Setting the controls as best he could figure, Stephenson sent himself back across the time barrier. He did manage to return himself to his world… but not his time.

Two stories await you.
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